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"Climb the Hierarchies of Competence"

- Jordan Peterson

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Java Oracle Data Integrator #1 DevelopersOnly the best and most passionate.

Our developers are #1 in Java Oracle Data Integrator and ODISDK, Remote Workers Only.

Software developmentTo excel in challenging IT projects.

We are #1 developers that are Remote Workers Only, expertise includes but is not limited to Java Oracle Data Integration, Groovy, SQL, Python, Website Solutions, Android Development, Data Base Administration, Machine Learning, AutoML, Image Recognition, we do development only, no project management.

Quantification of LimitCrop Protection

Our service includes image recognition for your crop to detect diseases and use Machine Learning to detect anomalies.

Domain registrationBecause we are reliable.


Some of our work is on GitHub public,
Some of our work is on GitHub private.

Oracle Cloud
We deliver our services through Oracle Cloud and are a part of the Oracle Partner Network.

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Food Technologist

Duke van Leeuwen


"All we need is your passion & conscientious in IT"

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